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This page will work the same as the PS2 page, it will be different everyday. Or I might leave it up for a few days though if I don't have any time.
More on MKDS got to preview Mario Kart DS at one of Nintendo's events. Click Here if you want to read the article. The summary is that the game is "awesome."The game has good framerate, controls, you know all that jazz. There are some minor bugs like lag, and this guy in germany, his character was wabbally on screen making him hard to hit. But other than that the game was fantastic, and a big hit a the event. Alright since I'm probably not going to be able to tell you later on my screen name using nintendo wi-fi is going to be: VICTOR O. is that my real name maybe it is. And my flag will be changing all the time probably. I might just draw my name who knows. Look for MarioKart DS on the 15th. Also there are some new screens, and videos on that article.

Summary of Jim Merrick's interview
11-01-05- Jim Stated that USB wi-fi adapter will ship when Mariokart DS comes out on the 15th. This will enable people who don't have wireless routers to plug this into the USB port on the computer, and turn their homes in to hotspots so they can use nintendo wi-fi play to play people all over the world. Also Mario Kart DS has the ability for you to chat with anybody on your friends list. Wait a second, let's just think of the fun that can be had with chatting with your friend miles away that you never see. You don't have to turn on your computer to email him or instant message him or her, they are at your finger tips. Think of it as an expanded version of pictochat. This could almost be a game in itself. Man this is exciting. Remember Mariokart DS comes on the 15th

Burnout Legends
10-28-05- First Burnout Legends video for the DS at You will need quicktime to watch the video, and the camera is a little shakey but it's worth it. Just scroll down until you see the burnout legends  video heading a The game's running at a good framerate, and the cars go pretty fast. It looks really good but I don't know  how well it will do seeing as how it comes out a few days after Mario Kart DS and I reserved my copy of MKDS so you know which one I want more, and by the way they have Mariokart videos on the sight too. Along with Snow Board Kids so check it out.

Mario Kart DS race tracks
10-19-05-New info on MKDS all 32 tracks revealed at, it also says that there will be eight racers, and eight unlockable racers, and each character has seven different karts in all that you will have to unlock. It seems like everyday the game is looking better and better. More tracks, and modes are being unveiled as we near the November 14th launch date. But something interesting has come up. It is a video of Luigi racing on his vacuum kart on an interesting level. The driver seems to be, how do I say this mentally impaired, but what's even more interesting is his kart. He can take any kind of turn without driting. Also He has the luigi symbol, but so does everyone else, and also that cloud guy has japanese letters on his sign so the drunk driver must be Japanese. If you wish to view the weird video there are links to it at

Here is the complete list of tracks
       2 gameplay screens from the game running on the nintendo DS hardware

Retro Mode
- race on previous tracks from the SNES, N64, and Gameboy Advanced  

Shell Cup:

Mario Circuit 1 - Super Nintendo
Moo Moo Farm - N64
Peach Circuit - Game Boy Advance
Luigi Circuit - GameCube

Banana Cup:
Donut Plains 1 - Super Nintendo
Frappe Snowland - N64
Bowser Castle 2 - Game Boy Advance
Baby Park - GameCube

Leaf Cup:
Koopa Beach 2 - Super Nintendo
Choco Mountain - N64
Luigi Circuit - Game Boy Advance
Mushroom Bridge - GameCube

Lightning Cup:
Choco Island 2 - Super Nintendo
Banshee Boardwalk - N64
Sky Garden - Game Boy Advance
Yoshi Circuit - GameCube

Nitro Mode- race on all new tracks with all new challenges

Mushroom Cup:
Figure-8 Circuit
Yoshi Falls
Cheep Cheep Beach
Luigi’s Mansion

Flower Cup:
Desert Hills
Delfino Square
Waluigi Pinball
Shroom Ridge

Star Cup:
DK Pass
Tick-Tock Clock
Mario Circuit
Airship Fortress

Special Cup:
Wario Stadium
Peach Gardens
Bowser Castle
Rainbow Road

I'm back... TO THE XTREME
10-14-05- yea.. yaa...yeahahah... how ever you spell it I'm back it took me a few days to get my gamecube  Nds page up. So we got a double day. First off, the big one Mario Kart DS. New info on the dual screen racer. You can play random people, or create a buddy list of up to 60 people ( that's more than enough for me... I GOT NO FRIENDS!). The will be a huge variety of carts with different stats such as speed, acceleration, weight, and drift. Jumping drift mechanic is back like in Mario Kart 64. Players will be able to race with 3 other human controlled karts, and 4 computer controlled karts for a total of eight players per race with wi-fi play ( wi-fi lets you race other people with mario kart DS all around the world if you are in a hot spot. coffee shops usually have hots spots, and so do a lot of other stores. Or you can buy a nintendo wi-fi usb component that turns your house into a hot spot, or you may already have a hot spot if you have a wireless router). With Local wireless lan you can race eight other human controlled Karts. New single player, and multiplayer modes such as mission run, and all multiplayer modes even battle mode will be compatible with wi-fi play. There will be over thirty race courses including some tracks from the NES for a nastalgic feel, but with a slight face lift of course. There will also be new cup called nitro  cup with very challenging courses for mariokart master like me! Players will also be allowed to create a 32x32 decal to show off to other racers while playing in wi-fi mode, and they will be able to see your name while you are racing. In addition to new courses new ideas will be added as well like the ink item that makes it so the driver can't see out of the top screen, and must use the bottom screen map to drive for a limited amount of time. I know you're pumped like I am, but the wait is almost over Mario Kart DS comes out in North America on November 14th, and just to let you know Japan gets Mario Kart DS on December 5th, but they get Animal Crossing on November 14th so our release dates are just switched. Also the second half is that Fifa gets the thumbs up from When I watched the video I was rather impressed with the frame rate, the pace of the action, actually the graphics didn't embarass me, and there was  some comentary. It's not quite on the same level as Mario Kart but you know it's good enough to get me to spend 30 bucks so I say pick it up.

Trauma Center: Under the knife... K nife... k-nife... why don't they just spell it nife
10-10-05- My predictions were right Trauma center is a fun enjoyable game that can last quite a while. It simplifys the actions a real doctor would take to save a patients life, and the speedy pace of the game makes it really fun, and addictive to play. I highly reccomend this one to all you DS owners. My prediction was right trauma centers a winner, and that's why I give it an 8 out of 10.

Fifa 2006, and Frogger
10-10-05-Two new games hit the DS, and I couldn't know less about the two of them, but mark my word I will get the dirt, the skinny, the poop, info, the jelly donut on these games so don't worry about it I got yo back holmes. I saw these games at games stop a few days ago. EA hasn't really been doing a good job with either of the two portable systems except for a few games like madden, and Burnout so I'm curious to see how Fifa will play on the DS, and frogger looks pretty stupid, but I guess I can't judge a game by the back of the box especially since I didn't read it either. I'll keep you informed on these lesser known titles.

Castlevania: Dawn of  Sorrow
10-5-05- Caslevania is here, and it's good it recieved a 9.3 from! That basically puts it in the first place DS title, so if you are looking for a good DS game right now then this is the game. Updated graphics, and sound with that same great old school  sidescrolling that we know, and love about all the other castlevania games before this one. When I get money I'm definately buying this game. Thiis definately ends the drought.

DS in a bit of a drought of good DS titles
10-4-05- After Ultimate Spiderman came out on the DS there hasn't really been a good DS game. The dissapointment of Lunar: Dragon Song doesn't help. Other games to come out are Lost in Blue, Trace Memory, Tak the great juju challenge, and oh my god wac-a-mole, what the heck is going on, but it's a new month, and a fresh start. With games like Trauma center: under the knife, and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow October looks like a good month.

Blazing new racers for the DS
9-28-05-New screens, and video from upcoming ds racers need for speed most wanted, and burnout legends at It's funny because it's at school and the video player is so slow that I'm telling you about the video while it's loading. I'm in the middle of it, and it looks pretty good so far, and then I am gonna go check to see if there is a burnout video. Nope no video, but the game looks totally awesome.  If I had a choice I'd probably get Burnout Legends over Need for Speed. NFSMW comes out November 16th, and burnout legends comes out sometime in November as well. It is also rumored that burnout legends will have wifi play, just to remind you though.

Need For Speed Most Wanted on the Nintendo DS

Burnout: Legends on the Nintendo DS

Reviews that I never had a chance to do

9-27-05- I'm just gonna post the scores for some old games, because this site is way to new to have these old dusty, and salty reviews( ahhh hahahaha lol lol). Okay right, the reviews. Inside joke people... you know what, just leave, get out... NOW! Just kidding... can't even take a joke.

Legend of zelda wind waker-9
supermario sunshine-9.5
ssx 3- 8
super smash brothers melee-9
red faction 2- 8.5      
007 nightfire- 8.5
soul calibur 2- 9

Batallion Wars Review
9-26-05- Well as many of you don't know my birthday was a day ago, and for my birthday I got Batallion Wars for the Gamecube, and Advance wars for my DS. I'll have the review for Advance wars later on, but right now I want to talk about Batallion Wars. Boy I say boy this game is great. It's Medal of Honor with a cartoony art style. But don't go thinkin this is some walk in a forest blowing away people this game has a lot of strategy that if you don't use you'll wind up with your vehicles destroyed, and your men killed. This game really lets me take out my by shooting down gunships and fighter jets, and blowing up tanks with bazookas. That's the thing every unit has it's ups, and downs. Pros and Cons. Pluses, and minuses. Bazooka vets are good at destroying slow moving armored vehicles, but are pretty much useless against infantry, air units, or fast moving ground targets. Flame vets are pretty much the strongest weapons againts infantry, but barely scratch the paint of closed armored vehicles. Your vehicles range from light recon vehicles, to light tanks, to gunships, to the Hulking ground unit called the battlestation which has a crew of 6, and firepower to match that of atleast 5 light tanks, and the Strato destroyer the king of the skys. It's a bomber, fighter, has a crew of 7, and 7 weapons, and a bad attitude. If you don't go into a battle with a strategy you'll probably end up a pile of rubble, and you need more than just numbers to win a hard battle. Protect your valuable units, and use them strategically, and you'll win the mission. For each of the four campaigns you can win a bonus level by getting a high average in each level, and they're claimed to be out of the ordinary, and I'm trusting that they are because I haven't won them yet. The game isn't perfect though. Multiplayer was pretty much expected, and almost manditory when you create a game like this that you just want to play with your friemds. There is no co-op or battle mode. But I don't think that should change your idea if you want to buy it or not. It's a fun, strategic, and smart game that everyone with a gamecube should check out. I give Batallion Wars for the Gamecube a 9 out of 10. Now if you don't mind I have to play Batallion Wars.

9-21-05- Man come on please time just skip ahead to my birthday on the twentyfifth, then I can get my copy of meteos, or Batallion wars, or advance wars. Those games are just so awesome that I can't stand it. There is so many great games coming for my DS, November 14 is Mariokart, I'll take all of you on...BRING IT. Also December 5th is Animal Crossing Wild World, Wifi baby. And Meteroid Prime: Hunters in the quarter 1 of next year I can shoot you foos in California, and I'm in Michigan.

9-20-05- Revolution controller revealed...not what I expected...not what anyone expected.  This has really got me pumped. with the ability of a controller dock I was so relieved. If you want to know more then is your place. I'm getting tired of saying this and that, whatever.

9-20-05- Batallion wars review, apparently this game is ridiculously fun, and from the looks of it, it is. I defenitly want this game in my library, and with a score of 8.8 who wouldn't. The game looks like a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry. See the review at But one thing that I'm really dissapointed by is the lack of any kind of multiplayer gameplay. Now I will be forced to frag my friends in real life. But the game still looks cool.

9-20-05- Vietifle joe double trouble preview by the game looks pretty slick nice framerate, great graphics nice speed, but i'm still skepticle of the touch screen gameplay mechanic.

9/19/05- Screen shots for the burnout legends games for the DS coming this november. as far as I can tell, the game looks pretty decent. all the game modes are there. races with five players at a time, and rumors are floating around that the game will have wifi so you can play people miles away... just a rumor though. see images at links on the links and credit page.