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Welcome to the Mailbag page

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This page will let you write in with  video gamerelated questions or comments, I will try to respond to all letters I get. Or you guys can just write comments, and have people discuss those topics.
I've got some bad news
10-31-05- Alright I have really got to tell you guys something. I've tried everything but I can't get my mailbag page to work. I don't think I'll ever get the page up and running. But that doesn't mean I'll stop trying. I will continue to try and make the page work, and until then I will continue to update the rest of the site.

I apologize
10-20-05- I sincerely apologize for the delay of getting the comments page up. I know all three of you are antsy to start writing in, and discuss the topics at hand. But I have good news, the wait is almost here. I'll probably have this page up, and running sometime next week, but I have no guarantees. I am very interested in finding out just how many people visit this site. Thank you for your patience.