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Welcome to the News Page
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News page is where I will post current news going on in the video game industry, some interesting, and some not so interesting, but whatever the case it's current and it's news. The same news will be up for a few days until I feel that it should be taken off the sight.

My last days
11-03-05- Well it's almost the end of the quarter here at my school which means one thing. The end of my  site. Because I can't work on it at home, and I can't do it in school anymore. I haven't got the art of mailbag pages up, and I doubt I ever will. So I guess my days are numbered.

( soft slow music plays)
 It's so hard to say it's over, but still I regret losing you
we never got to dance
you never took the chance
I never got to touch
you're hard to show how much
we never got the chance...
( thanks to who ever wrote the song. Wasn't me na na na nanananna!)

please sit in front of you're monitor for a moment of silence
(silence for 5 to 10 seconds)

it's been fun...
THAT WAS JUNK.the only reason I didn't delete that is because I was bored.

In case you hadn't seen them...
11-01-05- Of course you should know by now that the next generation of consoles have been exposed. Yes the games look great. Yes the 360 is coming out November 22nd. Yes the Revolution's controller is unique. Yes the Revolution is tiny. Yes the Revolution will have online play and graphics that can compete. Yes the Revolution doesn't have any games anounced. Yes the PS3 is the most powerful. The PS3 boomerang controller is Not the final design. Yes all the consoles look promising so here are some imag                        
 Nintendo Revolution(working title)          Sony Playstation 3     Microsoft  X-Box 360

More UMD for PSP
11-02-05- Two  more UMD  released for the PSP. They are South Park: When Technology Attacks, and Chappelle Show Season one. I'm not a big fan of South Park the show. The show can be funny but sometimes the humor is just too vulgar. But the Chappelle show is a different story. It's laugh your head off funny, Season one started it all, and you can see all of those episodes minus the sixth one, which was a great episode. It was the episode with the mad real world. But the biggest problem with these UMD is that they have no extras of any kind. Unless you must have South Park or The Chappelle Show everywhere you go then there is no reason to buy these.

My apologies
10-24-05- all right I know the whole site was pretty much the same for a few days, but I have a good reason. I couldn't get in the server, so not only could I not work on my site, but I couldn't publish it either.  So basically I was just looking for good information to put on my site after it started working. So I am really sorry. Tell people about the site, stay loyal, and thank you for your patience.

Good News
for future ds owners bad for present DS owners
10-3-05- Bananas. A red DS is gonna be bundled with a copy of Mariokart DS on November 7th. I got my DS the first day so mine is obviously platinum. Not only is red my favorite color but it is my first or second most desired game on the DS ( Animal Crossing: Wild World is the other one). The price will be an expected $150. Lucky monkeys who ever gets one. also Sonic rush is confirmed to be wi-fi enabled, even though I'm not quite sure how it will work out I am interested in it. look for sonic this fall. Also when Animal Crossing comes out My Screen name will be Victor O. Hopefully, and please nobody copy it. So be sure to add me to your buddy list, open the gate to your city, and stay in your town. If I change my name I'll let you know, and the name of my city.

Revolution Controller is here

9-29-05- I just got done watching the tokyo game show coverage on tuesday. The ps3, Xbox 360, and the Revolution were all there. But the big story was the controller of Nintendo's next console, code named Revolution. The controller looks like a normal remote control...for a tv. It has a movement sensor inside, so it detects how you move it. There is also a dock where you can attach maybe a light gun shell to it, an analog control stick with a handle, or a normal controller dock like that of the game cube, PS2, or Xbox. But the coolest thing is that the developers are really excited about what they can do with the controller. It's wireless  4 controllers can go in one revolution, and one person can hold up to two controllers ( cause we only have two hands). But just think about it all the ideas you can accomplish. There was a little video of some guy air drumming with two controllers. I'm excited, and I hope you are too, and that's why this makes the page.
This is just concept art produced by, but notice that analog stick on the back of the unit, it can be used for character movement in FPS.

News that I got to on the 23rd: