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PS2 and PSP page


on this page you will find the latest in PS2. Everything from Release dates, my opinion, games I'm looking  tforwardo etc. I'll change the page frequently. One day it might be release dates, and another day it might be tips, and tricks, at the top of the page

Guitar Hero
I got a chance to play Guitar Hero, and I just couldn't put that guitar down. It was just too fun, addicting, and the music was just too cool. It's games like these that we need more of. Unique gameplay with excellent excecution. There are tons of tracks to listen from artists like Black Sabbath. If you don't know that's the band with the prince of darkness Ozzy. The single player is good but multiplayer is where it's at. You and a friend can jam out for the same song. It does a great job a making you feel like you're in a rock band. The guys who made this are the same guys that the excellent music games Frequency, and Amplitude. The excecution on all their games is almost flawless. There are so many good things to say about this game so I just cut to the chase. Pick this game up, you'll thank yourself, then you can thank me. I give Guitar Hero for the PS2 a 9 out of 10.

Killing Giants is the name of the game

10-19-05- Shadow of the Collosus is hitting the stores later this week, and all signs point to a wonderfully rich, beautiful, and epic adventure. But I heard things I didn't want to hear quote unquote Zelda Killer. No way! Although I haven't played shadow, and I am a bit biased for Zelda since Legend of Zelda:Majoras Mask is my absoulute favorite game of all time, and I really enjoyed The Wind Waker as well. But I just don't see anything being on the same caliber in the adventure genre as Zelda. Shadow of the Collosus vs. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you decide.

Shadow of the Collosus(left)vs. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess(right)

Attention PSP owners

10-4-05-For all you PSP owners I got good news. Virtua tennis, madden 06, and burnout legends all recieved high ratings from, and the one that I think looks the coolest is probably Burnout Legends, but we have to discuss one thing the price, all of these games a fifty dollars, 50 DOLLARS! I mean come on people I know it's high quality but stop being gready. Also watch out For liberty city stories coming out later this year. This game has the potential to be the best PSP game yet.

Name Change
10-3-05- Okay I know this is called the PS2 page for a reason... It only has PS2 on it, but I might be alianating some of my loyal Sony fans that have a PSP. So from now on it is officially the PS2, and PSP page.

9-28-05- You guys better look out for Shadow of the Colossus. The game is looking better and better every time I see it. The game is all about defeating the 16 giants to bring back your dead girl friend...BORING, the game is all about taking down those fat beasts with your lovable horse. I am really fond of the visually art style. It's almost black, and white, but it just has a certain feel. The animation, and lighting effects will just floor you. Keep an eye out for this game late this year.

9-27-05- man this page is really...coming along... Hea...Hear are some't worry I'll be fine.
GTA SanAndreas- 9.5
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2- 8.5
Burnout 3- 9
Max Payne- 8
Need for speed underground- 8
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty- 8.5

9-21-05- My PS2 has been sitting there collecting dust for weeks ever since I've finished my copy of GTA Sanandreas. I loved that game, and I've just about squeezed every ounce of fun out of it. I'm sure is heck not getting madden. Katamari... NO WAY. does it look I want to roll a ball around and gather junk. If I want to do that I'll smear super glue on myself and roll around on my carpet. I'm most looking foward to the great games that I will be able to play on my DS.

9/19/05-Katamari and Genji and good games but fail to be great ones because of minor flaws.Genji is your pretty much average samurai hack and slash. We love Katamari doesn't surpass the first because it is just like the first one in almost every way.
I'm not gonna get the same game that I can get for less than 20 bucks.